Sadly Dick passed away on January 16, 2009. Please feel free to leave any thoughts, memories and stories below and they will be posted. Thank you. If you would like to contact the family directly, you can do that here.

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  1. Ariel Hernande Says:

    Im married to Dicks wifes niece.
    I met Dick in the early 90’s. When he lived in Baja. Dick came over to our home in Bakersfield several times. He would tell us these stories about his constant need for speed. I had no idea such an Icon graced my presence. He always spoke highly of all his friends and would even make me feel special, he never
    spoke about himself in a way that you would think an Icon like himself would. When he herd i was a speed freak and all the things i did, all he would say is “I was in to that kind of suff”. Then tell us a story of one of his friends. What a guy….

  2. Dick and Hellen Kraft Says:

    Good to read about a fellow name sake..

  3. Marcus Edell Says:

    A Real Pioneer! Thanks

  4. Skot Ingram Says:

    Your picture in the Bug has always been an inspiration to me…You will always be with us…

  5. Dick Kraft Says:

    I was browsing the webn some spare retirement time,and came across the many articles about Dick,and I’m very proud to be a namesake. I did a few years of Porsche road racing,primarely on the east coast during the ’60s and ’70s,so I enjoyed the racing background.It must be in the Kraft blood,because one of my sons was a pro superbike racer,and held several speed records of 200+ mph,and later,was selected to the Harly Davidson national racing team.


    Dick Kraft

  6. Dick Martin Says:

    I wrote Dick’s story in R&C and was honored to do so. Thank you for keeping his memory alive. We need more of his kind of hot rodder in the world.
    Dick Martin

  7. Bill Bronson Says:

    I am please to be able to submit information to this website for Cori. While I never met Dick in person, I will always cherish the phone conversations we had, filed with his stories of growing up on the groves of California, hanging out with Jack McGrath and the Potvin brothers, his time in the merchant Marines, etc. God Speed my friend.

  8. Bert Kenyon Says:

    I met Dick while dating Dee Webb, the daughter of Marvin Webb, one of Dick’s closet friends. We knew him very well and he attended our wedding. That was 1964. We remained friends till the end, though sometimes not seeing or hearing from each other for months or more.
    He was one of the most interesting individuals I have ever met. Once you met him, he would do anything for you.
    The funniest trait he had though was that he could never finish a sentence. Half way through a thought, he would stop and say “but the deal is” and go to another thought. Very funny.
    He build one of the secondary BUGS in a small shop next to my manufacturing plant and we helped out as we could.
    Certainly a true friend and unique person. Always missed.

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